Driver's License offices in Michigan


DMV Department of Motor Vehicles in Michigan

The Department of Motor Vehicles is an institution designed to monitor and facilitate motor vehicle operation safety. The services which are provided by the DMV are; in the domains of Driver, Ticket, and Vehicle. Other services include:

  • Renewal of driver’s license
  • Renewal of ID card
  • Replacement of driver’s license
  • Cancellation of tags
  • Renewal of the registration
  • Paying the tickets
  • Inspection of your vehicle
  • Registration of your vehicle
  • Issuance of parking permits
  • Buying and selling vehicles
  • Issuance of Learners permits
  • The medical requirements for driving
  • Issuance of disability tags
  • Record of booted vehicles
  • Issuance of non-driver ID cards
  • Record keeping of driver
  • Insurance of the vehicle

We would guide you through the brief procedures for some of these services.

Driver Licenses

The department of motor vehicles offers its services in providing the Driver's licenses. Unless you are a diplomat, military man, student, or Congress member, you would have to get a license by DMV to drive a vehicle in the state. The procedure for applying for a license starts by applying for the verification of the documents. Afterward, you have to choose which license you want to apply for; a Real ID or Limited Purpose ID.

Paying the Ticket

If you have got a ticket issued, you would have to pay it within 30 days. But, if you want to contest it, you should not pay the fine, as it would not remain contestable anymore. The payment can be made in person, via mail, online, and by phone. If you fail to pay within 30 days, a penalty would be imposed, which amounts to as much as the ticket itself. If you are paying online, use Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. If you are paying by mail, always send a money order or a check in the DC Treasurer name. For in-person payments, you would have to visit the DMV office but with an appointment, which has to be made online.

Inspections of the vehicles

Before that you get your vehicle registered, it has to be inspected. The DMV issues a sticker that has to be displayed on the left lower corner of the windshield. It has to be renewed every two years for personal vehicles, and for commercial vehicles and taxis, the duration is one year. For inspection of your car, you would have to visit the DMV inspection centers. The fee for an inspection is to be paid during registration.

Parking permits

The DMV also issues parking permits. It enables the department to regulate the number of parking permits issued for a certain area and hence manage traffic density in that area. The permanent residents are prioritized over reciprocal residents while applying. The process is completed with the collaboration of the District Department of Transportation.

Registration of Vehicles

The district laws suggest that all the vehicles running on the district roads must be registered, and DMV ensures it. An online guide can help you out in determining which documents are required. Before you get your vehicle registered, all the tickets issued and debts on your registration ID must be paid. The registration process can vary if you apply for new registration and similarly for a new or used vehicle. The registration process also varies if you are applying for renewal or temporary registration. But, the requisites of clearance are the same for all.